Wuhan Vlog: A mix of tears and laughter – life inside temporary hospitals
Updated 11:38, 05-Mar-2020
By Li Jingjing in Wuhan

Since early February, central China's Wuhan City has transformed 15 public facilities, including sports center, schools and exhibition halls, into temporary hospitals for COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms. 

However, there have been speculations and misconceptions about the living conditions in these hospitals. Are they good? Are they hygienic? What is life like inside these hospitals?

So, I decided to take a look myself. I visited the Wuhan Sports Center Temporary Hospital last week, and what I saw was beyond my expectations.

Videos showing patients dancing with medics inside the temporary hospitals have been circulating on social media for a while now. While many people are happy to see patients recovering in a jovial atmosphere, some people have doubted the authenticity of the videos, as they found it too good to be true.

Truth be told, its a mix of laughter and tears.

Some patients only have mild symptoms and are healthy enough to do some exercise or even dance, both of which are conducive to recovery.

"I have a healthier lifestyle here because it's an orderly environment. Food provided to us tastes great and contains enough nutrition for us to heal," a patient named Tan Juan said. "It is definitely much healthier than the time when I was quarantined at home. I had no one to talk to, stayed up late and ate unhealthily."

She is one of the most jovial patients in the hospital – always laughing and making friends with everyone.

But there are people who remain in a quiet corner all by themselves. They are reluctant to talk to people and even throw a tantrum from time to time. 

"Lots of patients suffered from depression. Some of the people lost several family members during this outbreak," hospital's chief nurse Zhou Guohong said.

Some people's parents passed away because of COVID-19, but they could not have funerals or even see their loved ones.

To soothe these traumas, Zhou Guohong provides psychological comfort besides physical treatment.

She talks to patients showing symptoms of depression and lifts their spirits, making sure their psychological condition improves every day. When it comes to complete recovery, counseling is just as crucial as physical treatment. 

There are very different personal stories behind each of these rounds of laughter and tears. But all of these people are trying to stay positive and recover, both physically and mentally.

On March 2, 164 patients were discharged from this temporary hospital, increasing the total number of patients discharged from this hospital to 596.

Temporary hospitals are receiving less and less patients every day, which is a promising sign that the city is recovering.