More Chinese relief materials sent to South Korea
Updated 17:50, 05-Mar-2020
Zheng Yibing

A batch of relief supplies for the control and prevention of COVID-19 was handed over to South Korea on Wednesday by a group of Chinese companies.

The donation is another effort for Chinese either at government or civil levels to help South Korea, as the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the latter has mounted to over 5,600.

The relief supplies include 10,000 protective garments, 10,000 medical masks, and 2,000 bottles of disinfectant, which are urgently needed in the forefront of combating the novel coronavirus.

All these are donated by a group of companies in east China's Jiangsu Province and coordinated through the Charhar Institute, a think-tank based in Beijing.

The materials will all arrive in South Korea this week and be handed over to the country's Red Cross through Seoul's special committee against COVID-19.

A donation ceremony was held on Wednesday at the South Korean embassy in Beijing.

"We will never forget the help South Korea provided for us in combating COVID-19. And we now reciprocate with friendship and sincerity and to jointly fight against the epidemic," said Han Fangming, chairman of the Charhar Institute.

Fan Yurong, a representative from Chinese companies, said that there is no individual interest when all are facing the threat.

"We will continue to mobilize our companies to increase the capacity for production of materials to control and prevent COVID-19 and do our bit to alleviate the shortage of global relief supplies," he said.

On Thursday, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said in Beijing that China is willing to provide all necessary aid to South Korea in combating COVID-19.

He said that Chinese government will soon send urgently needed medical supplies to South Korea, following other help from Chinese organizations and companies.

Ma also suggested the establishment of a joint prevention and control mechanism with South Korea and have further communication and cooperation on that topic.

(Cover image: Representatives from companies which have donated relief supplies to South Korea gather for a photo. Zheng Yibing/CGTN)