Flowers in full bloom in southwest China's Sichuan
By Meng Qingsheng

Spring is the season of flowers. As the weather gets warmer in southwest China, beautiful blossoms take over the landscape everywhere. 

White cherry blossoms have carpeted the landscape in Pujiang County of Chengdu City – the plants have long stems, usually with multiple-flower clusters all attached at the same point along the branch.

In Yibin City, white plum blossoms are all over the terraced fields. Plum blossom is one of the most favorite flowers of the Chinese people. Ranging from white to purple, these flowers usually blooms in winter and early spring.

Rapeseed flowers have burst into full bloom at villages of Bazhong City, painting the field bright yellow. Since ancient times, the locals have been cultivating rapeseed, not just as vegetable, but also for its seeds to extract oil. The crops are sown in autumn of the previous year and harvested in the summer of the following year. 

( Top image via VCG. )

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