11 Wuhan temporary hospitals closed, no new domestic COVID-19 cases outside Hubei
Updated 23:04, 08-Mar-2020

Eleven of 14 temporary hospitals in Wuhan were closed as of Sunday, leaving over 100 COVID-19 patients in the remaining three temporary facilities. 

Since the first patients were treated on February 5, Wuhan's temporary hospitals have been in operation for 33 days and more than 12,000 patients with mild symptoms have been treated.  

The National Health Commission said the next step is to gradually implement a plan to close all temporary hospitals by around March 10.

Only three coronavirus cases were confirmed outside Hubei Province in China on Saturday, and all were imported, said Mi Feng, a National Health Commission spokesman, at a press conference.

This is the first time the country has had zero new domestic cases outside Hubei since the COVID-19 outbreak began.