200 e-mails recounting Chinese COVID-19 outbreak stories
Liu Yang

Tong Chong, an expert in international lightning protection, says it has become a habit for him to use email and video chat to share stories of the Chinese battle against COVID-19 with his colleagues around the world every day after 11 PM.

Tong shared protective measures such as frequent hand-washing and wearing masks with his international colleagues through e-mail and video chat. He also shares with them stories of Chinese medical workers saving lives and the Chinese speed of constructing hospitals in Wuhan. 

So far, Tong has contacted more than 100 experts from more than 20 countries and sent over 200 emails. University of Naples Professor A. Andreotti told Chong, "Thank you for your information, Chong! We believe the Chinese people will defeat the epidemic; we all stand with you. Come on, fellow Chinese!"

F. Rachidi, professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - the Swiss National Representative of the International Grid Organization's Special Committee on System Performance - and senior adviser to the European Space Agency, says, "I would like to express my strongest support to Chinese people in general, and the Chinese scientific and technical community. There will be a big international conference on lighting protection. This will be organized by Dr. Tong Chong in 2021. We are sure that we will be there for the meeting and other events. I am fully confident that China will be able to eradicate this epidemic very soon, and everything will be back to normal." 

A. Piantini, a professor at the University of Sao Paulo, who is also a former national representative of Brazil on the international grid organization (CIGRE) special committee on system performance, says: "I would like to say that we are confident with the tenacity, determination, courage and dedication which characterize the Chinese people, the adversity will soon be overcome, I have been in China six times, I plan to go next year to attend international conference with you! Come on Wuhan!"

The recent notification of the outbreak by the International Power Grid Organization hasn't imposed any ban on China, and not prohibited Chinese scholars from participating in international academic exchanges.

(Video and story provided by State Grid Corporation of China)