Spring is around the corner! Flowers bloom across China

Flowers are in full bloom in many parts of China as a harbinger of spring, although the country is still in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

The yellow sea of rapeseed flowers has decorated the hills on the banks of the Zijiang River and Weichenghe River in Santai County in China's southwest province of Sichuan. Adding to that magnificent color, plum blossoms are also blooming here.

Vast expenses of pear flowers are also in full bloom in Luzhou City of Sichuan, turning the hills snowwhite, demonstrating the infinite vitality of spring. The century-old pear orchard on the Yunjin Mountain covers about 4.6 hectares, with 118 pear trees.

A township in the east China county of Changfeng, Anhui Province, has come to life with its cherry blossoms in the breeze. The cherry orchard started planting trees in 2013 and it boasts about 333 hectares, the largest cherry orchard in Anhui Province.

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