Medical workers in Wuhan send wishes through words and drawings on protective suits
Updated 22:22, 11-Mar-2020
Xing Ruinan

Before entering contagion zones, doctors and nurses put themselves into full protective gear. While this routine precaution protects them, it also makes them un-distinguishable from one another. Some creative medical workers in Wuhan demonstrated their optimism through words and drawings on their suits.

Wuhan is famous for its cherry blossoms. Zhang Zhen is not painting them on paper or a canvas, but on her white protective suits. "We want to bring the message of spring to our patients, bring them hope, and at the same time, encourage ourselves." Zhang and her team work for the army, and wee dispatched to Wuhan to help contain the situation there.

This creative group of nurses also made flowers with plastic bags and cotton swabs. Dressed in their artistic gowns, they sent the flowers to the wards. The patients expressed their gratitude, saying, "You're as beautiful as the flowers. You help and save us just like angels. Thank you."

Nurses draw pandas on each other's protective suits. /Southern Weekly

Nurses draw pandas on each other's protective suits. /Southern Weekly

At another hospital, the army sent more than a thousand medical workers in February. The staff have been jotting down wishes on their fronts and backs as well. Mostly in their twenties or thirties, these medical workers are parents, and some have just recently had children. Yang Jiao, one of the visiting medics, missed his son, saying: "I actually wanted her to draw a boy on my back. I want to show it to my son."

The words medical staff wrote on their suits, while expressing their professional dedication, also conveyed their love for their families. Qiao Huixia thought of her daughter, "Here we have to wear these heavy protective suits, all others can see are our eyes. Nobody would know who we are. I can only spell it out on my back: My daughter, mom is fine here. Don't worry, and take care of your grandparents. Mom and her colleagues will exert themselves to the fullest. We will win this war!"