Migratory birds return to spring habitats in east, north China

As weather gets warmer, thousands of migratory birds flew over to wetlands in east and north China.

A flock of migratory birds, including wild geese and black swans, returned to the Taierzhuang Shuanglong Lake Wetland in east China's Zaozhuang City of Shandong Province. The Shuanglong Lake Wetland is a fish-shaped island wetland. Each year hundreds of species of birds will breed and inhabit here.

In northern China, thousands of migratory birds flew over to the Otog Banner section of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region for food and rest, adding a touch of vitality to the river after a long winter. To protect the safety of the migratory birds, local government has enhanced the patrol and monitoring in 20 main bird habitats across many lakes.

Meanwhile, the upper reaches of the Sanggan River in Shuozhou City of north China ushered in the arrival of thousands of migratory birds. According to Jia Jianjun, head of a wildlife protection station under Shuocheng District Forestry Bureau, the number of all migratory birds is about 10,000 in more than 10 species, and will reach its peak at the end of March. The local government has set up seven monitoring stations for wildlife protection to guarantee the safe migration of the birds.

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