Shanghai Happy Valley reopens, implements contactless services
By Yang Meng

After two weeks of anti-pandemic drills and contactless service training, all employees of Shanghai Happy Valley, one of the biggest amusement parks in China, are fully prepared for reopening.

Shanghai Happy Valley will be open to annual card users from March 17 to 19, and on March 20, the park will be officially opened to the public according to a report by thepaper.

Before entering: security measures will be implemented to protect the health of visitors

According to the park, Shanghai Happy Valley has temporarily set up two tents at the ticket barrier, a notice of how to prevent the virus has been set up at the entrance to remind visitors to follow the relevant prevention and control requirements.

Online tickets sale will be fully implemented after the resumption. Tourists can purchase tickets on the official websites of the park and many other tickets selling platforms.

When entering the park, visitors will line up with 1.5-meter spaces between them marked on the ground, their temperature will be measured, and basic information will be required so that the government can trace the source of any potential outbreak.

In addition, a quarantine zone has been set up at the entrance of the park. If suspected infected people are found, the district's disease control department will be contacted immediately.

In order to avoid the heavy flow of people during the pandemic, Shanghai Happy Valley will strictly carry out population control. The daily visitor volume will not exceed 50 percent of the maximum capacity approved by the government, and that maximum capacity has been cut in half, down from 80,664 to 40,332.

In the park: "Virtual queues" and disinfection for each visitor

Contactless service is Shanghai Happy Valley's latest initiative.

When the park is reopened, tourists at certain attractions can queue online through eight ticket machines to save time and avoid creating a crowd. In addition, a digital map of the park is provided. Visitors are also required to wear face masks throughout their visits.

As for the disinfection of the park, Shanghai Happy Valley requires all staff to wear protective gear and their temperature will be measured before each shift.

For amusement and public facilities, including the touch screens in the tourist information center, the park implements disinfection for every use.

In addition, during the pandemic, 20-30 outdoor amusements will be open but all indoor amusements are temporarily closed.

Electric vehicles and cruise ships in the park will be suspended, as will the parades and animal shows.

Seventeen stores and 13 restaurants will be temporarily closed. Instead, kiosks and vans will be used to sell pre-packaged food and bottled water.