'Bambi' is in town: Roe deer breaks into a house

Mr. Qin had to call the police when he was surprised by an invader in his house: "Bambi" had come for a visit and he didn't know what to do.


Police of Greater Xing'an Range, Heilongjiang province reacted at once. When they arrived at Mr. Qin's house, they found a Siberian roe deer, injured and scared. The roe deer's right hind leg was stained with blood. Officers bound it up and took the roe deer back to the police station.

Police officers believe the roe deer came out of the forest to forage for food. Police officers prepared some warm milk with milk powder to feed the roe deer and informed the local forestry department as well. After checking its wound, the Forestry staff decided the roe deer was not seriously wounded and released it back into the forest.

Siberian roe deer are quite common in northern China forests. According to Chinese wildlife protection law, hunting, trading or eating wild roe deer are strictly banned.

(Cover photo via VCG)

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