Pakistan FM praises China's concerted efforts in fighting COVID-19
By Cui Hui'ao, Shen Hui, An Kun

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi praises China's efforts to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic during an exclusive interview with CGTN. 

"China has done an amazing job. Nobody in the world could've visualized that in such a short time the Chinese people, government and leadership [would] put things together so effectively and demonstrate to the world that they have the capacity to address the challenge. The healthcare system, governance capacity, the administrative capability [are] phenomenal," said Qureshi.   

While there are concerns about China's economy when the pandemic is over, Qureshi said the fundamentals are very strong and solid.  

He said in his opinion, "It will be a temporary dip, but China will recover very quickly," as all indicators are pointing in the right direction. 

As COVID-19 has developed into a global pandemic, developing countries where healthcare systems are less advanced have their work cut out for them.  Asked about the situation in Pakistan, Qureshi conceded that his country is facing challenges. 

"We are facing the pressure now. We have about 184 reported cases. We have learned from your experience, and we are trying to emulate that. We have put in place the protocols that are required, for example, quarantine procedures and screening at entry points. Large public gatherings have been now curtailed; educational intuitions have been closed down," the foreign minister said. "So we are taking measures, but the challenge is there."  

Acknowledging that in the early stages of the pandemic Pakistan sent medical supplies and resources to help China, the minister said now that Pakistan has its own cases, China has come to its aid, offering various kinds of assistance. 

"Whatever we ask for, China has been forthcoming and helpful," he said, adding that medical teams to assess the situation, testing kits, thermal screening and personal protective gear have been provided.

Qureshi said, currently, the most needed machinery are ventilators, as the country faces shortages. 

He also said providing economic relief would also be helpful as Pakistan may face a slowdown after the pandemic.