Panda livestreaming keeps global fans close amid coronavirus outbreak

As many of China's panda bases in southwest China's Sichuan Province were closed due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, local institutions have been using livestreaming to keep global fans close to the bear.

The livestreaming is the result of cooperation between China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, which closed its four panda bases since January 25, and, its panda TV channel.

Relevant content on the site have been browsed over 700 million times globally since the bases were closed, with 200 million views on videos, according to the institution.

The livestreaming focuses on the daily activities of the giant bears in the bases. In one of the bases, the broadcasts received over eight million views.

The site also opened a new column to show how panda keepers interact with the pandas, as well as epidemic prevention and control efforts made at the bases.

"I spend some time watching what the pandas are doing every day, it relieves my anxiety and makes me laugh," read one comment.

"After the epidemic, I'll go to the bases to visit the bears I have been raising 'online,'" another wrote.

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Source(s): Shanghai Daily