Rare scene of wolf pack in north China's virgin forest

Infrared cameras in the forests of northern China caught something unusual – a pack of six wolves moving in one direction in the woods. A wolf pack of six members is not common in China. According to a local forestry officer, wildlife population in the area has been increasing in recent years; but it is the first time it has seen such a big pack of wolves.

The forest region in the north of Great Xing'an Range in Inner Mongolia is undeveloped virgin forest, with a massive area of one million hectares. 

It is home to 12 species of national first-class protected animals, and 38 species of second-class national protection. Since 2017, the Bureau of Forestry Management and Protection has deployed a total of 30 infrared cameras in the area for wildlife monitoring, and more than 1,000 videos have been captured, including footage of national protected animals.

(Cover photo via VCG)

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