Tsinghua University Art Museum online exhibition shows people's daily life under COVID-19
Updated 21:53, 19-Mar-2020

Documenting and recording is a responsibility that is as important to oneself as to history.

When more than a billion people are forced to stay at home, windows become our channel for obtaining information and expressing our thoughts and emotions.

At this important time in human history, the "2020 window archives" event asks people to pick up the camera and approach the window.

Through observation and recording, we can rediscover life and society, nature and history from the unique perspective of a window.

"Wuhan on Feb 27" by Shen Xiangsheng. /Tsinghua University's Art Museum

"Wuhan on Feb 27" by Shen Xiangsheng. /Tsinghua University's Art Museum

"A Museum is a place to collect documents and record history. I think that this period we are experiencing will be an important event in history. So we want to record them in detail," said Su Dan, deputy director of Tsinghua University Art Museum.

The event is co-hosted by Tsinghua University's Art Museum and its School of Journalism and Communication.

The submitted images will go through expert review and online audience voting. Selected works will be exhibited at the Tsinghua University Art Museum, and also online.

"Holding on" by Wang Yiqiong. /Tsinghua University's Art Museum

"Holding on" by Wang Yiqiong. /Tsinghua University's Art Museum

The deputy director said: "Each piece of work is special. People's different geographical location, mood, profession, educational level determines that they have very different perspectives. It is this diversity that is worth exploring."

The Tsinghua University Art Museum has been closed to the public due to the coronavirus outbreak. In order to better serve audiences, it has turned many of its collections into online exhibitions and regularly provides online lectures.

We want to further expand people's understanding of art museums. The reason why art museums can build prestige and trust among people is not only their space but also their roles. For instance, the window archive activity has freed itself from existing space and enlarged the functions of museum," said Su.

The organizers hope the window archive event will help showcase the resources available and strengthen people's understanding of art and the museum's role.

(Cover image: "Dou" by Wang Pan Tong Xiaolin. /Tsinghua University's Art Museum)