'Match-making' cloud platform to help with work resumption
Updated 20:49, 20-Mar-2020
By Lu Sirui

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted China's supply chain on a massive scale.

Finding means of production has become the deal breaker for many downstream companies over whether they can resume work.

Beijing Equity Exchange is expanding their "match-making" business from state-owned companies to private enterprises.

They built an online platform in 24 hours across industries to bring both the supply and demand sides of businesses together.

"Companies on both sides can look for resources directly on our platform. They can also log into their accounts to post their needs. We will reveal these requests online after checking them. The platform will also provide services such as deal-making and fund settlements for both sides later if they are matched," said Xie Zhanlin, manager of the platform.

Since it was launched on February 22, the platform has released 53 posts for the supply side and 13 for the demand side. So far, two deals have been successfully sealed.

"In the past three weeks, the information exchanged here has been mainly about protective items against the epidemic. As businesses resume production, requirements for other types of production materials will gradually appear on the platform," said Xie.

The platform has also added financial services with other banks, to provide financial support to companies affected during the outbreak.

Zhu Ge, president of Beijing Equity Exchange, said the platform will still remain after the outbreak.

"We will definitely keep the platform. The enterprises will return to normal after the outbreak, but the demand for sharing information is still there. Especially with the deepening of globalization, China and the world's industrial chain cooperation is getting closer. We have been carrying out research in this area, expanding the scope of services to the world," Zhu added.