Cherry blossoms for frontline medics in Wuhan
By Zhao Yunfei

Springtime means cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Wuhan. But this year's atmosphere is different due to the epidemic.

With new COVID-19 cases in decline, many medical workers can now visit the city's parks during some well-deserved time off to embrace nature.

During the battle against the novel coronavirus, some medics got infected. Huang Jie, a nurse from a local hospital in Wuhan, is one of them. She soon returned to work after recovery.

"I am a nurse, a medical warrior. I should be responsible. I should continue working for the sake of Wuhan, Hubei Province and China," Huang said.

Many medics said the scale of their work is unprecedented, but the worst is over.

"We came from the freezing cold winter, now we welcome in spring. We should thank the national support team. Without them, we wouldn't get chances to rest. They have relieved our stress," said Zheng Wenjuan, another nurse from a local hospital in Wuhan

The arrival of medical staff from around the country boosted the city's workforce capacity. Through collaborative work, more patients got discharged from hospitals.

"I am so happy that our work has paid off. I hope the quarantine in Wuhan ends soon, and that the city can get back to normal soon," said Pan Dongwei, a member of Zhejiang Province Medical Team.

"Today is our first day out since we came here over a month ago. Everyone is in a good mood. Wuhan is very beautiful. This scene is unforgettable," Pan said.

With the virus now nearly contained at the epicenter of the outbreak, more supporting teams are expected to return home in the coming days.

(Meng Mingwei and Zhang Youze also contributed to the story.)