Touching Moment | Medical teams return home with Wuhan in their hearts
Updated 19:33, 22-Mar-2020

Medical workers who have aided Wuhan City, central China's Hubei Province, in the hard fight against the COVID-19 outbreak since mid-December are now gradually returning home amid the cheers of Wuhan residents.

Over 40,000 medical workers were sent by other Chinese regions, army forces and central government agencies to aid Hubei Province.

As spring arrives, many of the visiting medical workers had their first glimpse of Wuhan's scenery on their way home. They said it was a pity they had no time to appreciate the city's beauty, its landmark Yellow Crane Tower, its famous cherry blossoms at Wuhan University, or have time to taste Wuhan's famous hot dry noodles. These experiences will have to wait for a better time, but they are happy to go home with a mission well accomplished.