Back to school: 529 schools to open in Xi'an

According to the work arrangement of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education for the spring semester in 2020, the third year of Xi'an high school students will resume studies on Monday. On April 7, the third year of middle school and the graduating class of secondary vocational schools will begin, Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.

The above are the first batch of new academic year study arrangements in Xi'an where a number of measures will be taken to guarantee students' studies.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the first batch of schools in Xi'an involve 529 schools, of which 167 are high schools, 302 junior high schools and 60 secondary vocational schools.

A total of 156,000 students will start their academic year in the first batch, including 51,200 senior high school students, 88,500 junior high school students and 16,300 secondary vocational school students. 

Xi'an requires that all schools strictly implement the closed management of the campus after the registration of the new semester, and reasonably control the entrance of teachers and students, teaching, activities, dining and accommodation, to avoid gathering.

In addition, the education department also requires schools to carry out campus environment cleaning and disinfection work in accordance with the requirements of health and disease control work. Each school has set up temporary testing areas, isolation rooms with water and medicines, and also completed and repaired the campus' cleaning and catering facilities. 

The relevant departments will provide four million masks free of charge to the first group of students and teachers before classes begin.

(Cover image from VCG)