Multiple libraries open in China, and entry requirements vary

As China's measures, aimed at the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus, have begun showing tangible positive outcomes, libraries in many parts of the country have resumed work in an appropriate and orderly manner as per strict government guidelines, offering safer and more convenient services to the readers.

In order to ensure the safety of the members, many libraries have implemented a number of steps, such as limiting the number of entries each day, mandatory appointment for the visit, and disinfection of books. In the membership application, the libraries have also made some relevant provisions. 

Many libraries are back in business

A few days ago, Chongqing Library officially announced that from March 23, a part of the library will be reopening. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, the opening time and area of the building are also stipulated.

On March 17, Wenzhou Library reopened and welcomed many readers. According to media reports, a total of 1,000 people were allowed to enter the library on that day, and a quota of 300 people were allowed to visit the library at the same period of time.

In addition, Hunan Library opened in an orderly manner from March 19, allowing readers to borrow and return books and periodicals. During the orderly opening period, no more than 1,200 visitors will be received on a daily basis.

In addition, Guangzhou Library, Shanghai Library, Guiyang Library and other libraries have also thrown their doors open. 

Epidemic prevention measures

Strict measures have been taken by these libraries in support the fight against the virus. From sterilizing books to capping the number of visitors, safety is the top priority for these reading heavens at the moment.

For example, in Guangzhou Library, in addition to ensuring good ventilation in the library, the administration has decided to keep fewer seats - with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between each chairs. The returned books and documents will be sterilized at least three times before they are put back on the shelves.

Hunan Library also indicated in its open announcement that the books will be reissued only after professional sterilization. The hall has been equipped with a self-help disinfection machine for readers to maintain personal hygiene during their visit.

How do readers access libraries?

Every library has different requirements for entry, but there are some common measures. Readers are required to pay attention to the admission notice or opening notice of the local library.

Among them, Chongqing Library has stipulated that it will partially open from March 23, the opening time has been adjusted, and it is temporarily closed to readers under age 14.

In addition, readers can only enter the library if their body temperature is less than 37.2 degrees Celsius. They are required to wear masks and cooperate with the staff to register relevant information.

Hunan Library will adopt online booking and on-site entry. Readers can make online bookings three days in advance or on-site entry. Hunan Library will open 600 online booking portals and 600 on-site visiting spots every day, and make adjustments according to the actual situation.

Here comes the online library!

In addition, a number of libraries also provide readers with digital resources.

It is reported that Wenzhou Library is only open to adult readers at present, but juvenile readers can also borrow children's and social science books through the library's online service.

Affected by the coronavirus outbreak, Shenzhen Library's library reading service is suspended since January 24, but it is offering a variety of online services. It is reported that the library's "digital reading hall" opened on March 15, which attracted 14,910 visitors in one day.

In addition, libraries in Shanxi Province also issued a notice on March 22, saying that they will reopen on March 23 and online services will be available soon.