Wuhan automobile plants re-open as epidemic fades
By Zhao Yunfei, Meng Mingwei

Wuhan's automobile industry is back online with factories resuming work as the city's epidemic control has allowed life to edge back to normal. But following two months of closures, challenges now lie ahead.

Peng Kun has been a factory worker for Dongfeng Honda Automobile for eight years. He said he never expected a two-month-long leave.

Although the epidemic has affected his life, Peng said he was lucky that he didn't lose his job.

"When I came back and saw my colleagues, I knew that everything was back to normal. I felt so relieved," Peng said.

Dongfeng Honda Automobile has three assembly lines in Wuhan. All of the production factories are back up and running.

Some workers still couldn't make their way back, but the company could not wait any longer.

"The operation suspension has affected our work with suppliers and dealers. The loss from production can affect both the company and staff. Our clients want to get our cars as soon as possible, so we are in a rush to fulfill orders," said Li Shiquan, a factory manager.

Coronavirus containment is still paramount while at work, Li said.

As the operation gradually resumes, Li said there could be a positive response from the market.