Answer Bank: How to prepare raw food safely amid COVID-19 pandemic
Zhang Ziyu

"The chance of the coronavirus contaminating vegetables, meat and fruit by direct contact, or droplets is very low," Feng Luzhao, a researcher of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said in a press conference. 

However, it's suggested that people pay more attention when preparing meals to avoid any infection. 

According to the CDC's official website, you need to cook meat, eggs and vegetables thoroughly before eating. Since the coronavirus can be killed at a temperature of 56 degrees Celsius over 30 minutes, and the temperature can reach 100 degrees Celsius or even higher during cooking. 

Use different utensils including knives, cutting boards and plates for raw and cooked food, to avoid cross-contamination. 

It's safer to eat your cooked food soon. And if you can't do so soon, don't place the food at room temperature for more than two hours. 

Wash your hands thoroughly after cooking and before eating, using flowing water and soap. 

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(Cover image designed by Sa Ren)