Shanghai Fashion Week takes place via online streaming
Updated 20:32, 26-Mar-2020
By Li Qiong

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of changes, especially in China. The internet has seen another boom, as people watch movies and do their shopping online. Even fashion shows are taking advantage of livestreaming. The 2020 Shanghai Fashion Week is taking place as scheduled, but online.

Although no audience members have access to this year's catwalks on site, the shows may attract their biggest number of viewers yet. The event has opened in cooperation with Alibaba Group's Tmall marketplace. Every participating brand is presenting their designs directly to audiences around the world via livestreaming.

Livestreaming has been an important selling method on various e-commerce platforms in recent years. Hosts talk non-stop to introduce products online. And during this year's Shanghai Fashion Week, many brands are combining this selling model with traditional fashion show style.

2020 summer season release of Yes by Yesir. /Yes By Yesir

2020 summer season release of Yes by Yesir. /Yes By Yesir

The Chinese brand Yes By Yesir is one of them. Through livestreaming, viewers can enjoy the brand's spring/summer release on stage. At the same time, its creative director Ye Qian explained to the audience the inspiration of each piece. 

"The newest Yes By Yesir release changes from a show stage with a small number of viewers to the online platform on Tmall. As the designer, I can share the brand's story with a bigger audience, which would only take place during press conferences before. The inspiration of this season's release is all about different faces. The transformation from offline to online is fresh and thrilling to me," said Ye.

Rizhuo's "melting" series. /Rizhuo

Rizhuo's "melting" series. /Rizhuo

Consumers are getting a whole new experience. Livestreaming viewers now can tap into the latest trends of the design world by watching fashion shows online.

Rizhuo, a brand targeting a younger audience, has released a "melting" series. Inspired by dropped ice cream, every element of the design echoes the process of falling and melting.

"It's not only the financial sector. The fashion industry is also greatly influenced by the coronavirus outbreak," said designer Fang Yifei. "To me, hosting fashion week online is of course a last resort, but an anticipated new effort. The live-broadcast mode requires more from all of us. Anyway, it'll be an unforgettable experience."

The 2020 online Shanghai Fashion Week is running until the end of March, with 150 brands from over 30 countries and regions participating.