Traditional Chinese Medicine used on at least 90% of COVID-19 patients
Zhao Yunfei

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used on more than 90 percent of China's COVID-19 patients as experts say it is effective in reducing fever and boosting body immunity. In Wuhan, the hardest-hit city, nearly all patients in temporary hospitals have used TCM to increase recovery rates and lower mortality rates.

Now as the spread of coronavirus in other countries is getting worse, Chinese doctors, who served on the front line in fighting against COVID-19 in Wuhan, are sharing TCM information and experience with their international peers from India, Pakistan, Canada and the UK via video conference.

"Early intervention of TCM played a significant role in the prevention and control of the pandemic. Patients with mild symptoms respond well to TCM," said Li Hao, deputy dean of China Academy of Chinese Medical Science's Xiyuan Hospital, adding anti-viral drug capabilities of western medicine are not clear at the time, so Chinese medicine is a good choice.

TCM experts in China have opted for a combination of Chinese and Western medicinal treatments. Li said it is important to embrace the differences, as the Chinese and Western medicines both have their strengths. Asked about how other countries responding to the TCM, Li said it has gained more recognition globally.

"Most people recognize Traditional Chinese Medicine helped prevent and treat COVID-19, and they're eager to learn how to use it. But they lack experience in how to use them, so they're learning from us. This is a good chance for TCM to enter the global community," said Li.

(Zhang Youze, Meng Mingwei and Zi Di also contributed to the story.)