Chinese schools announce latest opening dates after classes suspended

Department of Education of Shandong, Zhejiang and Liaoning provinces in China have announced the opening date successive Friday. Schools across the country have suspended since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

These provinces announced that students will start school in batches. In Zhejiang, senior grade three of high schools and middle schools will start on April 13, and students at other grades will start at least one week later. 

In Shandong, senior grade three of high schools will open on April 15, and other students will come back to schools at least one week later. Liaoning Province announced similar notices on the same day. 

The announcement mentioned that those students and teachers who can’t go back to schools in time due to the coronavirus can delay their opening dates. Students and teachers who are currently outside of China can extend the return dates. 

Offline classes will open at least one week later that the school opening dates, said Chen Feng, the deputy director of department of Education of Zhejiang in the press conference Friday. 

Schools need to be examined by local health departments before opening, to make sure the hygiene and safety of students' studying environment. 

Some provinces like Anhui and Sichuan have announced opening dates earlier this month, most schools will reopen in April. 

(Cover image: Students in the classroom. /VCG)

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