China recognizes Li Wenliang as a 'hero,' condemns U.S. manipulation as 'extremely disrespectful'
Updated 17:35, 03-Apr-2020

Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday responded to a question relating to U.S. lawmakers' recent plan to unveil a bill, named after Li Wenliang, to give the Trump administration power to impose sanctions on foreign officials who distort information about the Public health emergency information. 

"I really do not know how these U.S. lawmakers were elected, they do not attend to their proper work and if they are in China they would have been asked to be replaced," said Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokesperson Hua Chunying at a regular press conference.  

Li, the deceased doctor, along with 13 other people who died on the front line fighting the novel coronavirus in central China's Hubei Province, have been identified as the first batch of martyrs on Thursday.

Martyrs are the highest honorary title, which the Party and state award to citizens who bravely sacrifice their lives for the nation, society and the people.

Li and other medical workers like him are heroes of the Chinese people, Hua said, condemning politicians who manipulated Li's death in the line of duty as "extremely disrespectful to him and his family and have no moral bottomline."

For the United States, I suggest they honor the doctors who raised the alarm for the epidemic as early as January, Hua noted.