Pansy: Colorful flower that has 'faces' on petals
Updated 00:27, 05-Apr-2020
By Xu Chenlu

Have you ever heard that flowers can make faces? If not, then April is a good time to look for these interesting flowers as their blooming period starts this month. 

Flowers like the pansy, which originated in Europe but is found worldwide now.

Pansy is also called by common names like heartsease, three faces in a hood or love-in-idleness. It is famous for the patterns on petals that are usually in three different colors. The flower has many colors – different shades of purple, blue, yellow or white. 

It can be found everywhere on the Eurasian continent. It was also introduced into North America for ornamental purposes. In China, this flower is widely cultivated in flowerbeds.

The pansy's flowering period is from April to September. It can do well in containers, borders and in grounds, so it is a good choice for gardens. It is hardy when it comes to coldness, so do not feel worried if your pansy is growing outdoors. 

When growing, make sure it gets partial to full sun in cool temperatures. Moist and well-drained soil is the best choice for the flower, and do not forget to water it regularly. With these easy steps, the flower will never disappoint you with the beautiful petals that have funny "faces" on them.

Not only can you use the pansy to decorate the garden, but also in decorating desserts as the flower is edible. Some dyes also apply the colors of pansies as elements inside.

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