Vlog: How a family in Wuhan mourns the deceased amid coronavirus
By Li Jingjing in Wuhan

Many people have lost their lives and many have lost their loved ones during the ongoing war with the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes medics fighting in the front line, policemen, community workers, volunteers and so many others who died doing their job, keeping the world running amid the tough time.

That made this year's Qingming Festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, particularly different. 

Weng Jiang, a COVID-19 survivor in Wuhan, lost both of his parents who died from the virus in early February. 

At that time, both he and his wife were also infected and hospitalized. Weng couldn't say goodbye to them, or even bury them when his family and the city were under lockdown.

It has been over 50 days since they recovered. On Thursday, two days before Tomb Sweeping Day, Weng decided to pick up his parents urns and bury them.

By burying his parents, he was ready to say goodbye to them, moving on with his life and looking to the future. 

"I'll try to live well, make every day count," Weng said. "I and my wife got our lives back from death. We'll cherish our lives more from now on."