Rare animals in China: Pheasants with super long tail

Look at the pheasant pictured above, have you spotted anything unusual? The pheasant's tail is almost twice as long as its body! 

It looks like a big ball with two long "sticks"...

It looks like a big ball with two long "sticks"...

The super long tail is a distinctive characteristic shared by three pheasants in China's national protected animal namelist: Elliot's pheasant, Reeves's pheasant and Mrs. Hume's pheasant. In Chinese, they are all called "chang wei zhi," meaning "long-tailed pheasant." The CGTN Nature film crew has shot stories about two of them: 


The Reeves's pheasant has the longest natural tail feather of all birds worldwide. A male's tail can measure over two meters. The super long tail is a precious treasure for the bird: the longer tail a male possesses, the more likely it would be preferred by females, as a long, neat tail suggests good health and excellent ability to survive. 


The Elliot's pheasant is a responsible parent. It will take good care of children, feeding them six to seven times a day. For the whole story of the Elliots's pheasant family living in Wuyi Mountains, east China, click here

The Mrs.Hume's pheasant has a brighter combination of colors. The metal blue neck and vibrant red face form a sharp contrast. Mrs.Hume's pheasant can also be found in India, Myanmar and Thailand.

Elliot's pheasant, Reeves's pheasant and Mrs. Hume's pheasant – if you forget the names, just remember the much easier one: chang wei zhi, "long-tailed pheasants" in China! 

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(Video clip credits to CGTN Nature film crew. Cover design by CGTN's Chen Yuyang)

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