China toughens crackdown on cross-border gambling, telecom fraud amid COVID-19 epidemic

China's Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has announced that it is intensifying the crackdown on cross-border gambling as well as telecom and Internet fraud amid the COVID-19 epidemic, as such crimes have grown even more rampant during the period.

Apart from perpetrators, those providing guidance, technical support and assistance with gambling money payment will be the targets of the operation, the MPS said.

Warning that it is illegal to participate in cross-border online gambling, the ministry urged the public to keep away from related activities and stay vigilant against various forms of telecom and Internet fraud.

The MPS vowed to stem the illicit flow of gambling money by clamping down on organizations providing payment transfer or settlement services.

Lawbreakers will face restrictions in border entry and exit as well as penalties to their personal credit ratings, the MPS said, adding that a blacklist of gamblers and those working behind the illegal activities will be established.

The MPS warned those who are aware of their infections or possible infections of COVID-19 against crossing national borders as they will be investigated on charges of jeopardizing public security and impairing the prevention and control of infectious diseases, among other crimes.

The ministry also asked the public to report related offenses and crimes and pledged to protect informants' privacy and security.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency