Facts tell: China sends quality masks to countries in need

As the world reaches the hottest week yet in this pandemic and the number of global confirmed COVID-19 cases surpassed 1.5 million, countries are desperately in need of masks, test kits, ventilators, and protective equipment. In this dire moment, China is taking the responsibility to donate and export medical supplies to meet this explosive demand under tight deadlines. However, some anti-China hawks have made a fuss about the quality of China-made medical products and falsely interpreted China's effort and goodwill, saying some medical supplies exported from China were defective.


On-camera reporter: Zhu Danni

Scriptwriter: Zhu Danni

Video editor: Zhu Danni

Filmed by Fu Gaoliang

Chief editor: Wang Xin

Producer: Wen Yaru

Director: Zhang Shilei

Supervisor: Fan Yun

CGTN's Zhao Hong, Wang Zengzheng and Gaoyue also contributed to this story.