Latest developments on coronavirus pandemic

Latest developments on coronavirus pandemic

Japan on Sunday reported 369 new cases, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases to 7,292 with 135 deaths so far.

Iran reported 1,657 new cases and 117 more deaths on Sunday. The country now has 71,686 total cases and 4,474 deaths. As many as 43,894 patients have recovered.

India's number of infections increased to 8,447. The death toll is at 272 and 765 patients have recovered.

Saudi Arabia confirmed 429 new cases on Sunday. The country has seen record daily increase in total infections for four straight days. It has reported 4,462 total cases and 59 deaths.

Qatar added 251 new cases to its total, which now reached 2,979.

Switzerland as of Sunday has 25,135 reported cases and 858 people have died. The country's unemployment rate is approaching three percent.

The Netherlands registered 1,188 new cases on Sunday, raising its total to 25,587.

Serbia recorded 250 new cases. Total reported cases now at 3,630.

Portugal detected 598 new cases, bringing its total to 16,585 with 504 deaths.

Belgium on Sunday reported 1,629 new cases and 268 deaths. The country now has 29,647 total cases and 3,600 fatalities.