Six methods to soothe your body and mind during home quarantine
By Zhao Jingbo

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only interrupted people's daily lives, but also compromised people's trust in environmental safety and human relations. So can we maintain a healthy life physically and mentally in such an unusual time? We would like to share with you some practical and simple skills.

Environmental experiencing

During this period of inactivity, you can make the environment tidy and cozy to adjust your mood.

When you feel panicked or uneasy, focus on the environment, fully use your senses and try to experience your surroundings with vision, touch, smell and hearing, to make you feel at ease and live in the moment.

Body relaxation

You will get in a better mood after relaxing your body.

Relaxation through abdominal breathing: put a hand on your chest, put the other hand on your abdomen and breathe in through your nose. Your middle chest and abdomen will expand during inhalation process, then breathe out slowly through your mouth. This is one cycle; repeat until you are calm.

Can't sleep well? Let abdominal breathing soothe your body and mind. The technique works with your children too.

Besides, you can also do the "butterfly tap": place each of your hands on the opposite shoulder, slowly tap your shoulders alternatively, and imagine yourself sitting in a very comfortable place.

You can also do the finger gym activities, neck exercises, eight-sectioned exercise, yoga and footbaths before bedtime, or have a hot bath and make sure you get enough sleep.

Cognitive adjustment

Don't get used to thinking about negative things, and never think about anything from a negative perspective. You should give yourself more positive and encouraging thoughts and learn to boost your positive energy by maintaining good humor.

Emotion stabilization

As for emotions, sometimes the more you resist it, the worse it gets. The harder you try to get rid of a negative emotions, the more likely you will feel depressed.

When you are feeling down, first, try to figure out how you feel, then name it as "worry" or "anxiety" and share the feeling with your friends or family.

New hobbies

You can do some exercises at home or commit to something you are good at but didn't have time to do, such as singing, drawing, writing and crafting.

You can also do something worthy and meaningful, such as helping others. Moreover, you can write things you are thankful for in your diary, and thus accumulate more positive energy.

Resource mining

Everyone got his own inner resources, which can help get through difficult situations. Ask yourself three questions: Have you been through similar challenges before? How did you successfully beat them? Can you use some of those strategies now?

You can also look for external resources, such as mutual support and help from classmates, family members and friends.

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