China's anti-COVID-19 medical supply donations have arrived in Croatia

China's donations of medical supplies to Croatia for fighting against COVID-19 arrived on Sunday, welcomed by Chinese envoys and Croatian officials. 

The medical supplies include personal protection equipment (PPE) such as N95 and surgical masks, protective suits, latex gloves and more. 

Chinese Ambassador to Croatia Xu Erwen said that China appreciated Croatia's support when China was hit by the pandemic. 

China is willing to continue its cooperation with Croatia in fighting the pandemic, and it believes that the battle against the virus will soon be over. 

Croatia's Minister of Health Vili Beros appreciates China's timely support as it brings confidence and power to the Croatian people and increases the hope of strengthening cooperation in the future. 

He said it's the "best gift" that Croatia has received during this special pandemic period. 

The packages came printed with flags of these two countries, with the message "a friend in need is a friend indeed" in both countries' languages. It's the best description of the relationship between these two countries, Beros said.