China orders inspection of sexual assault probe against senior lawyer
Updated 18:41, 13-Apr-2020

China's Ministry of Public Security and Supreme People's Procuratorate sent a joint team on Monday to east China's Shandong Province to inspect the sexual assault probe involving a prominent lawyer and businessman surnamed Bao.

Bao resigned from his position as an independent non-executive director of Chinese tech giant ZTE last week and was also sacked by Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co., an oil company in Shandong, where he served as the chief legal officer. 

A Chinese university also fired him from his post as a part-time researcher last week in the wake of the accusation. 

The 48-year-old is now under investigation for alleged repeated sexual assault of his foster daughter since she was 14. The investigation, which initially pronounced Bao innocent, came under the spotlight recently, causing an uproar in China.

Guangzhou-based media outlet South Reviews reported on Thursday that Bao started raping his foster daughter one month after adopting her in 2015. The report also claimed Bao forced the girl to watch child pornography and limit her contact with anyone except him. 

The report said that the girl filed a police complaint against Bao on April 8, 2019 but the case was dropped a few weeks later due to lack of evidence. The case was reopened on October 9, 2019.

According to the report, the girl, suffering from severe trauma, has tried to kill herself several times over the past three years. 

Bao has not yet publicly commented on the charges against him.