China reveals passing scores for national postgraduate entrance exam


China's Ministry of Education (MOE) on Tuesday revealed the minimum passing scores for the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination. The scores were delayed for about two months compared to previous years due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Under the current education system, the entrance examination (written) is one part of the whole procedure for examinees to enroll for post-graduate study. Students who manage to get minimum passing scores will have the chance to get into the next round.

The second round usually involves an audition/interview and some form of written exam. Usually, universities start second-round exams in mid-March or early April, but it shouldn't be earlier than April 30 this year, according to MOE. Schools can either choose to hold the examinations online or in person. 

After enrollment, schools have to finish all required medical checks for students within three months.

China would expand enrollment for post-graduate students this year, with an estimated increase of 189,000 students compared to last year, the MOE said in a press conference in February. Academic disciplines such as clinical medicine, public health and artificial intelligence will see more enrollments.

Official numbers show that over 3.4 million students applied for the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination, which took place from December 21 to 23 in 2019. The number marked a 17 percent increase compared to 2018.