Latest COVID-19 development in the world

Latest COVID-19 development in the world

Poland will gradually lift lockdown measures imposed to contain the novel coronavirus starting from this coming Sunday, the government said on Tuesday. As of Tuesday, Poland has reported 7,049 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, and 251 deaths.

The Slovakian government said it will unveil a plan next week to gradually ease coronavirus restrictions, but will proceed cautiously to avoid worsening the situation. The latest cases in Slovakia is 835 with two deaths.

Portugal reported 514 news cases and 32 more deaths, with its total number of infections hitting 17,448 and 567 deaths.

Singapore confirmed 334 more coronavirus infections on Tuesday, taking its tally to 3,252.

Most of the new cases were linked to outbreaks in migrant workers' dormitories.

Georgia will lock down four big cities, including its capital Tbilisi, for 10 days from April 15 and the emergency situation in the country would be extended until May 10.

Turkey's parliament on Tuesday passed a law that will allow the release of tens of thousands of prisoners to ease overcrowding in jails and protect detainees from the coronavirus. The country has already detected 17 confirmed cases among prisoners, including three deaths, and 79 prison personnel had also tested positive.

On the same day, Turkish Airlines announced cancellation of international flights from May 1 to 20, and domestic flights would remain suspended until April 20.

Saudi Arabia recorded 435 new cases, bringing its nationwide tally to 5,369. So far, 73 people have died.

South Africa reported a rise of 143 coronavirus cases, taking the total to 2,415. The death toll stands at 27.

Kenya said on Tuesday afternoon that eight new cases were detected and its total number of COVID-19 cases has risen to 216.