Live: Bye, Leishenshan! Wuhan's second temporary hospital for COVID-19 closes
Updated 09:26, 15-Apr-2020

Wuhan's Leishenshan Hospital, which was built especially for COVID-19 patients in February, will close on Wednesday. The announcement comes a day after the hospital transferred its last four COVID-19 patients from its ICU to Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University for further treatment. The hospital has undergone a thorough disinfection process. China's Health Commission said the facility will be kept for a period of time.

Since receiving its first group of COVID-19 patients on February 8, Leishenshan Hospital has treated a total of 2,011 patients, including more than 1,000 severe or critical cases. Over 1,900 people have since recovered and been discharged from the hospital. Over 3,000 medical staff from 16 medical teams from across the country worked in Leishenshan in its 67 days of operation.

With a bedding capacity of 1,600, Leishenshan Hospital was one of the two temporary hospitals built, in record time of less than two weeks, in central China's Wuhan to treat COVID-19 patients during the peak of the epidemic.

CGTN's Zhao Yunfei and Wang Kailin are at Leishenshan to witness medical staff bidding farewell to their battlefield.