98-year-old astronomy expert Han Tianqi recovers from COVID-19
Updated 15:27, 19-Apr-2020
By She Jingwei

Astronomy expert Han Tianqi, 98, has recovered from COVID-19 and was discharged from hospital on Wednesday after two months of treatment. His wife was also allowed to leave the hospital on the same day.

They were both diagnosed with COVID-19 and sent to the Wuhan Union Hospital in mid-February for treatment.

The couple's granddaughter, Han Shijun, had sought help online from recovered COVID-19 patients who were willing to donate their blood for "passive antibody therapy."

As their condition worsened, the couple were moved to the intensive care unit on February 24 and treated by the medical staff from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University in Wuhan.

After receiving treatment, the couple's condition stabilized and they were transferred to another facility for 14 days of isolation and recuperation. On Wednesday, they were allowed to go back home.

"My grandfather is in good spirit now and the doctor suggests he still needs close attention due to underlying health conditions. But he is very optimistic," Han's granddaughter said.

Han is a famous geoastronomer and astrogeodynamic scientist in China, and one of the founders of astrogeodesy in the country.

(Cover: Han Tianqi and his wife with a doctor at the hospital. /CCTV)