Why has China's medical aid drawn suspicion?
Updated 12:39, 15-Apr-2020
Daryl Guppy

Editor's note: As China sends medical aid to a wide range of countries, doubts have arisen with regards to the motivations for China to do so. Daryl Guppy, a national board member of the Australia China Business Council shares his views on the issue. The views expressed in this video are his own, and do not necessarily reflect those of CGTN.

Daryl Guppy: Suspicion towards China in this regard is a right-wing political narrative, or story, from those who are already enemies of China. So it's not unusual that these sorts of people will find fault with China, no matter what China does.

Will China's actions expand its influence? Yes, certainly.

But remember, the United States could do exactly the same if it was just as generous with its aid and support as China is. China has shared all of its clinical treatment notes, all the experience of doctors and nurses and paramedics, everybody, as to how to identify how to deal, how we work with it in China.

Now it's up to the world to decide if they want to accept some of that or not. At the G20 meeting, they refused to lift sanctions that would allow the supply of medical goods. That's not cooperation; that's not a global approach. And yet, these are the same people who will be the first to use masks made in China when the time becomes necessary. So it's part of an ongoing political narrative that's been there before.

They are using COVID-19 as an excuse to push that agenda harder and faster.

And it is a concern because when people are frightened, when they're worried, then they're more susceptible to this type of story.

The best thing that China can do is to continue what it was doing at the moment, which is being generous in sharing its knowledge, generous in sharing its aid, generous in sharing its information. And yes, this will benefit China, there's no question, because China will be seen as stepping up, while others have been stepping down. But that's the best that China can do.

Interviewer: Xu Sicong

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