Beijing approves TCM drugs for COVID-19
By Sun Tianyuan

China has added three patented items of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) to the treatments for COVID-19. The drugs, specifically Jinhua Qinggan granules, Lianhua Qingwen capsules, and Xuebijing injections have undergone clinical trials with the National Medical Products Administration and now list treating COVID-19 as one of their uses. 

"That means these three drugs have passed strict reviews by the administration, and can be commonly and widely used in China. Their effects are exact and backed with ample evidence. So people may have a new choice if there's a similar epidemic in the future," said Zhang Boli, president of Tianjin Hospital of TCM.

Lianhua Qingwen capsules (L) and Jinhua Qinggan granules. /CGTN

Lianhua Qingwen capsules (L) and Jinhua Qinggan granules. /CGTN

China's National TCM Administration says the drugs have been widely used in COVID-19 treatment of over 70,000 patients across China. They have proven effective in easing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever and inflammation.

"Over the past two months, medical workers have risked their lives to reach the conclusions step by step. The process to get the evidence during the clinical studies was difficult yet scientific," said Liu Qingquan, president of Beijing Hospital of TCM.

Zhang says a health crisis may just be the cradle for good drugs. With Beijing's recognition of TCM, medical workers overseas may build more confidence in applying the Chinese art of healing.

He adds that Thailand has given the green light to Linahua Qingwen into its market. While France stands ready to conduct clinical studies on it.

Integrated treatment using TCM and western therapies such as ventilators and ECMO, can be a strong combo in the battle against COVID-19.