China refutes U.S.'s 'groundless' report, says committed to moratorium on nuclear tests
Updated 17:20, 16-Apr-2020

Chinese Foreign Ministry's Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Thursday that China is committed to a moratorium on nuclear tests. The remark came in response to a U.S. State Department report that claimed China may have secretly conducted low-level underground nuclear test explosions. 

"We have noticed the relevant reports from the U.S., in recent years. The U.S. has made up so-called arms control compliance reports every year and played a role as a judge and made irresponsible remarks over arms control and non-proliferation policies against other countries," he said, adding that the U.S. set itself as a role model, which is misrepresenting the facts.

"The U.S. criticism of China is entirely groundless and without foundation," he added.

Zhao said the U.S. has been following the policy of "America First," and in recent two years, it has withdrawn from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, Iran nuclear deal and Arms Trade Treaty. Such acts seriously damaged global strategic balance and stability, hindered global arms control and disarmament, and brought global condemnation, he said, urging the U.S. to reflect on its actions.

China has always believed that relevant treaties and mechanisms in the fields of arms control and non-proliferation are important for maintaining international peace, security and stability, and should be abided by and enforced, he said. 

Meanwhile, the spokesperson emphasized that China has always fulfilled its international obligations and commitments in a responsible manner, firmly committed to multilateralism, and actively carried out international cooperation. China has made important contributions to safeguarding the international arms control and non-proliferation system as well as international peace and security.