Latest on coronavirus in some European and Asian countries

Latest on coronavirus in some European and Asian countries 

UK's death toll has reached 13,729 and 103,093 people have tested positive.

Swiss said on Thursday its death toll has reached 1,017, and 26,732 people have tested positive.

The Netherlands said on Thursday that confirmed cases rose by 1,061 to 29,214, with 181 more deaths, making its total death toll to 3,315.

Germany on Thursday morning reported 2,866 new COVID-19 cases, with total tally reaching 130,450. The death toll rose to 3,569, up 315 from a day ago.

Russia reported 3,448 new confirmed cases on Thursday, pushing the total number to 27,938. The death toll stands at 232. Also local media said Kremlin has decided to postpone Russia's annual Victory Day Parade which is due to take place on May 9.

Belarus reported 476 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, bringing the country's tally to 4,204. To date, 40 patients with chronic diseases have died from COVID-19.

The Philippines on Thursday reported 13 more deaths and 207 new infection cases. The total death number has hit 362, with 5,660 cases. It leads Southeast Asia in the number of infection cases.

Malaysia detected 110 new confirmed cases on Thursday, raising the cumulative total to 5,182. One more death was reported, taking the total number of fatalities to 84.

Indonesia said on Thursday 380 new confirmed cases were identified, with 5,516 cases in total. The latest fatalities are 496. Officials have foreseen a peak between May and June with around 95,000 infections.