Migratory birds thrive in NW China's wetlands
By Meng Qingsheng

Located to the south of Qinling Mountain range, Shangluo City of northwest China's Shaanxi is a very important area that acts as a gateway and resting place for migrating birds travelling in China.

This year, at the Danjiangyuan National Wetland Park, flocks of migratory birds brightened up the spring atmosphere, as they have returned from south to rest and breed.

Among the birds, a beautiful species called the black-winged stilt gets a lot of attention due to its beautiful combination of black wings and red legs. According to a local photographer, Luo Gaochao, the flock of black-winged stilts has been staying here for almost two weeks due to the flourishing food, high-quality water and nice environment.

Other migrating birds, including mandarin ducks and egrets, which are under second-class state protection in China, are also thriving at the wetland.

(Cover image is a still from the video)

(Video by CGTN's Meng Qingsheng, edited by CGTN's Xu Chenlu)

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