Story of Fighting COVID-19: We stay in the front line for you
Updated 21:20, 29-Apr-2020
Global Stringer
North America;America

As the worst-hit country in the world, the U.S. has reported over 1,034,588 confirmed cases of COVID-19 by April 29, according to the dashboard of Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Walid Ghurabi is the medical director of emergency services, UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. In this video, he talks about what difficulties he and his coworkers have met in the process of fighting against the virus, and how do they deal with the fears, both from patients and themselves. Talking about his motivation to keep working amid the danger, he says it's the love for his job. His advice for normal people to contribute to combating the pandemic is, "We stay in the front line for you, you stay at home for us."

Stringer: Matteo Ghidoni