China's Sansha City establishes Xisha, Nansha districts in major administrative move
Updated 17:15, 18-Apr-2020

Sansha City, in southernmost China's Hainan Province, has established two districts, Xisha District and Nansha District, following the approval of the State Council.

They're Sansha's first two districts in the city's history, and before that, the city has a total of 10 local communities.

Xisha District will administer the Xisha and Zhongsha islands and their surrounding waters, with the district government located on Yongxing Island.

Governing Nansha Island and its surrounding waters, Nansha District's government is located on Yongshu Jiao.

As one of the youngest cities in China, Sansha City was established on July 24, 2012, to administer the Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha islands and their surrounding waters in the South China Sea.

The whole city covers nearly two million square kilometers, but including only around 20 square kilometers of land area now.

Sansha has only some 1,800 permanent residents, according to its government introduction, making it the very prefecture-level city with the most southern location, the largest area, the smallest land area and the smallest population in China.