Latest on coronavirus pandemic around the world

Latest on coronavirus pandemic around the world

Mexico registered 578 new cases and 60 more deaths on Friday, raising its total to 6,875 cases and 546 deaths. Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell said on Thursday that the country might have almost 56,000 infections.

Canada reported 1,821 new cases and 114 more deaths. The country now has 21,927 total cases and 1,309 deaths.

Brazil reported 3,257 new cases, as its nationwide total mounted to 33,682. The country's death toll rose to 2,141. Some 552 of Brazil's nursing staff have been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, and at least 30 of them have died.

Sweden now has confirmed 13,216 total cases and 1,400 deaths, with 676 new cases and 67 deaths reported on Friday.

United Arab Emirates added 477 new cases to its total, a new record daily rise. It now has 6,302 cases and 1,188 deaths.

France reported 405 new cases on Friday, bringing its total to 109,252. The death toll is at 18,681, up 761 from a day before.

Ireland saw 709 new cases on Friday. A total of 13,980 people have been infected in the country, and the death toll increased to 530.

Austria detected 102 new cases, as its nationwide total rose to 14,553.

Italy detected 3,493 new cases among the 65,705 tests conducted on Friday, a 5.3 percent positive rate. It now has 172,434 total cases and the death toll stands at 22,745. Number of recovered patients is 42,727.