Argentine FM: China is the first to offer help during the pandemic

Argentine Foreign Affairs Minister Felipe Sola said his country had some discussions with European countries after the coronavirus outbreak but China was the first to offer help.

"What is important is whether you help or not. How, when, and how much – that is the only thing that matters," the foreign minister told CGTN.

"Interpretations over whether this is health diplomacy or politically motivated do not matter. What matters is concrete action."

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Argentina, a country of nearly 45 million, is under lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Sola also said he is concerned about how neighboring countries are addressing the pandemic's threat as Brazil and Chile have more lax approaches.

"I am worried. It forces us to keep our borders closed and be careful, given that not every country has the same approach to dealing with the pandemic. There are different attitudes, and there is an absurd debate over economy or health."

"You cannot repair lives. Economic losses can be repaired," he noted.

Argentina has reported 2,839 COVID-19 cases and 132 deaths so far. As winter approaches in the Southern Hemisphere, authorities are expecting a spike in infections.


The South American nation has turned to China for medical supplies to help prepare for the worst. Logistics have been set up between Buenos Aires and Shanghai.

The country Friday received the first shipment of medical supplies from China, which includes donations as well as purchases made by the heavily-populated Buenos Aires province.