China calls building of new districts in Sansha 'normal administrative move'

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang on Monday said that the establishment of two districts, Xisha District and Nansha District, in Sansha City, southernmost China's Hainan Province, is a "normal administrative move."

During Monday's regular press conference, Geng stressed that China has indisputable sovereignty over the Xisha Islands, Nansha Islands and their adjacent waters.

He made the remarks in response to the protests from Vietnam, who claimed on Sunday that China's move "seriously violated Vietnam's sovereignty."

"Vietnam demands that China respect Vietnam's sovereignty and abolish its wrongful decisions," the country's foreign ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang said in a statement.

Sansha City, in southernmost China's Hainan Province, has established two districts, Xisha District and Nansha District, following the approval of the State Council. 

They're Sansha's first two districts in the city's history, and before that, the city has a total of 10 local communities.

In accordance with domestic laws and regulations, Geng said, China's action is a normal and rational measure taken by China to strengthen maritime management, which is in line with international law and common practice.