Hong Kong court dismisses protesters' appeal on 2016 Mong Kok riot

Hong Kong High Court on Wednesday dismissed the jail terms reducing applications from three radical protesters who took part in the 2016 Mong Kok riot.

Over 100 injured - most of whom were police officers - in the radical protest participated by the three, namely Edward Leung Tin-kei, Lo Kin-man and Wong Ka-kui.

According to the official statement, the court believes they've ruled with the amount of sentencing and the jail terms. 

"Seven years as the starting point (of the jail term) were not manifestly excessive given the severity of the offense," it read.

Chief Judge of the High Court Jeremy Poon Shiu-chor said rioting is a very serious offense. Leung's saying that personal belief of so-called protecting local culture can't be a mitigating factor, he said.