The Chinese sturgeon: A fish with 'family planning policy'
By Xing Fangyu

China has built a complete conservation system to protect the critically endangered Chinese sturgeon from extinction. Artificial propagation and release is one of the most efficient methods. The survival rate of artificial breeding sturgeon is much higher than that in the wild, however,  a good "family planning policy" and tactics are needed to avoid inbreeding.

Researchers have created genealogical trees for these precious aquatic animals, and their mates will be decided according to the family trees, so that the Chinese sturgeon can have a healthy pregnancy and life.

Check out the series "Little Secrets of Chinese Sturgeon" to find out more about this critically endangered species.

(Cover designed by CGTN's Jia Jieqiong. Video by Lu Zhongcan and Liang Siyan from China Three Gorges Corp)

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